There are a lot of cockfighting terms that cockers use

Cockfighting terms are quite numerous and make many new cockfighters “shake their heads” because they don’t understand. Bettors need to understand these specialized words to make it easier to play and learn deeply about strategies through those concepts. Find out with SG777 now!

Cockfighting terms in raising methods

Steaming, steaming, and walking are cockfighting terms used to refer to the preparation of cocks before starting to practice. Normally this stage is recommended for cocks that are 7 – 8 months old, or later, 9 – 10 months old.

  • Baitless: Refers to the act of feeding chickens foods that are high in protein. The bait for them to eat is beef, quail eggs, worms, crickets, eels, trach, etc. This helps the cocks become stronger and have good health during training and competition.
  • Turmeric: Among cockfighting terms , this term refers to the task of applying a layer of turmeric mixed according to the formula previously created by cockmasters/ Next you will sweep it onto the meat around you to fight. millet to make them redder and firmer.
  • Om bop: This word is used to refer to the bathing and steaming of fighting cocks with herbal massage. The purpose is to help chickens strengthen their bones and prevent skin diseases such as mold.
Cockfighting terms relate to raising methods
Cockfighting terms relate to raising methods

Cockfighting terminology in competition

During competition, the cockmaster will not use many common words but will mention the following cockfighting terms :

  • Lure the cocks: The act of having two cocks face each other but the bettor still holds their tails. This helps both sides be more enthusiastic before the match.
  • Cock fighting: Similar to letting two chickens fight each other, but in this case, they will not have iron spurs or may have to cover their spurs and beaks. This is to avoid causing damage to the opponent.
  • Cock tossing: Is the act of the cockfighters lifting the fighting cocks at least 1 meter above the ground. Then let the cock fly, kick its wings and land. This is often used to test the cock’s endurance and leg strength
  • Cockfighting: The terms cockfighting when mentioning this word can be understood as similar to dropping chickens, but the difference is that the pitching height is only about 50cm. After raising them high, the cockmaster will let them fall freely. The purpose is also to test how well the cock can land on its feet.

Cockfighting terms when referring to raising equipment

Objects used to raise and care for chickens also have their own names to distinguish them from other objects, specifically:

  • Nursing cabinet: This is a type of cabinet designed with many compartments for the cockerel to simply disassemble. This item is used to release fighting cocks into the competition field.
  • Cock cage: This cockfighting term refers to objects that house fighting cocks. Currently, there are many types of cages made of many different materials such as zinc, bamboo, etc.

Terminology of online cockfighting

Nowadays, technology has developed, bettors no longer need to waste time traveling to cockfighting arenas to participate in betting. Many reputable bookmakers now have online cockfighting halls for people to conveniently watch live matches and place bets. And they also use separate cockfighting terms so players can participate in betting in the most accurate and effective way.

  • Meron: This online cockfighting term refers to the betting window for the house’s cocks. If you predict they have a high chance of winning, put your money on Meron. The payout ratio for the winner in this case is 1: 0.98.
  • Wala: Is a specialized term used to refer to the betting door for the player’s cock. If you believe in these gods of war, put your money here. The player’s odds of winning the prize will be 1:1.
  • BDD: This is a bet for the match to result in a draw. The winners of this bet will receive a reward 8 times the bet.
Terminology used in training fighting cocks
Terminology used in training fighting cocks

Terminology of training exercises for fighting cocks

There are not only cockfighting terms about competitions, livestock, etc. But when training cocks, there are also separate words. Details are as follows:


This is the stage where the chickens will be braised in turmeric by the chicken masters in the front. This helps them increase their strength and endurance before going onto the field.


This is one of the cockfighting terms used to refer to the activities of training fighting cocks before fighting. Or in case the cock is injured or needs to be refitted. Conditioning will help them restore health, gain more endurance, flexibility and better spirit.

Chicken soup

Cocking is the term used to refer to special care for fighting cocks. After conditioning, the cocker will often let them rest to ensure their health in preparation for the match. During this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fighting cock’s diet because adequate nutrition will help the fighting cock maximize its capacity and strength.

Rolling beam

This is the term used to describe the action cockfighters do to help fighting cocks’ legs become firmer and have more fighting power. Players will use foot bath medicine mixed with diluted salt water to let the reishi foot soak in it. Some other players also use urine foot baths because they believe that this type of water has many substances that help make the cock’s legs and throat stronger, making the blow more deadly.

Dew pants

Many experts train their cocks to exercise early in the morning, when it is still dew. The term used in this case is dew pants. This not only helps the chicken move its wings, stretch and crow more powerfully, bringing about desirable stature and endurance.

Braise the chicken

This term refers to cockfighters who give their fighting cocks a sauna, or bath with hot water combined with green tea or herbal remedies. This helps the chickens become healthier, their bones are strong and hard, and their skin is shiny and full of energy. In addition, this method also helps chickens prevent many skin-related diseases such as fungi, parasites, etc. And especially helps fighting cocks increase their resistance to avoid getting sick, affecting the competition and training process.

Nursing method

To achieve the best fighting performance for cocks, cockmasters often apply two methods of nurturing fighting cocks as follows:

  • Body care: This is a method of training fighting cocks to help them focus on flying, fighting, running or rhyming, etc.
  • Mind training: This term is used to refer to the method of improving the reflexes, flexibility, and sensitivity of fighting cocks. By regularly exposing them to many people in high noise environments,… This will make the fighting cocks gradually get used to it and not be timid.
Conditioning method is the term for chickens that are well cared for in all aspects
Conditioning method is the term for chickens that are well cared for in all aspects


Cockfighting terms are specialized words that cockfighters use to name the cockfighting methods and activities before, during and after fighting. Hopefully with this sharing from New88 Cockfighting, everyone has somewhat grasped quite a bit of information and applied it well in upcoming matches.

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