Dragon King Fish Shooting – Instructions on How to Play, Simple Rules

Dragon Vuong Fish Shooting is the most popular name in the reward betting market with the top choice of members. Besides the simple participation process, the game also stands out with quality graphics, sound and extremely high reward opportunities. If you are interested in discovering details about this unique product, please follow the following article of SG777 to find out!

General information about shooting Dragon King fish

Dragon King fish shooting is also known by another familiar name Dragon fishing. It is an entertainment product released by Yuegame China with extremely cool 3D graphics.

Officially appearing in the online entertainment industry in 2019, Dragon fishing was quickly welcomed and appreciated by players. When coming to Vietnam, this betting product was also Vietnameseized to better suit our country’s culture.

Dragon fishing appears with 2 different versions: Dragon King and Mermaid. Through the huge rewards mechanism, participating members can accumulate points and then exchange them for equivalent items or cash.

Right from the first days of appearing in Vietnam, this game has received love from many people and different ages. The huge number of downloads is the most important factor to confirm this outstanding quality.

Information about the famous of Dragon King Fish Shooting
Information about the famous of Dragon King Fish Shooting

Discover the rules of Dragon King fish shooting for beginners

The fish shooting game Dragon King has game rules that are considered simple and easy to understand. Just take a few minutes to read the instructions that SG777 shares below to join as quickly as possible.

Details about Dragon fishing game rules

When accessing the lobby, participating members will have the right to choose a level. These include: Beginners, experts and finally the Dragon King.

Each level will have different betting levels. Among them, beginners are the lowest and easiest to play and Dragon Vuong is high and the most difficult to play. In case you are a newbie, try with a low level to learn and refer to experience first!

Dragon fishing attracts a huge number of plays when the game rules are not complicated. Accordingly, you only need to equip yourself with the right weapon to destroy the creatures that appear in your sights. Each member on the table will own a maximum of 10 bullets and the bet level for each type is different. 

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In addition, you can also customize or buy more bullets if you want to increase the destructive power of the gun. The reward is definitely not a small number if you successfully destroy any sea dragon.

Explore the arsenal of weapons in Dragon King fish shooting

Understanding the rules of the game but not knowing exactly about the weapons in the game is also an important factor that makes you lose quickly. So below, SG777 will help members learn details about the guns being used in Dragon fishing:

  • Dragon Bazooka I: This is a weapon with a basic mutation coefficient of 10x in the fish shooting game Dragon King. When choosing, gamers have the opportunity to receive 30 free bullets with a coefficient of 1 – 6x.
  • Dragon Bazooka II: This weapon has a basic coefficient of 10, but each player will receive 20 – 120 free bullets with a coefficient of 1 – 9x.
  • Dragon Bazooka III: This weapon has a basic coefficient of 10, but each player will receive from 15 – 135 free bullets with a coefficient of 1 – 12x.
Dragon fishing appears with simple rules of participation
Dragon fishing appears with simple rules of participation

Revealing skills to earn big rewards when playing Dragon King fish shooting

Skill experience from masters will help you improve and increase your winning rate. So please refer to and apply the strategies integrated by SG777 below!

Choose the right gun

In Dragon Fishing, each type of gun has completely different effects and features. Therefore, you should choose the weapon that suits your playing style and strategy. Some types have faster firing speed but low destructive power, on the contrary, there are guns that possess high destructive power but slow firing speed.

Use support items 

In Dragon King fish shooting , many types of support items appear such as: power-ups, fish nets, bombs, ammunition increases, etc. Take advantage of them appropriately and smartly to increase your rewards!

Revealing the experience of playing Dragon fishing and winning big from experts
Revealing the experience of playing Dragon fishing and winning big from experts


Thus, in the content of the article, we have shared instructions with you on how to play Dragon King fish shooting . Impressive and attractive game with super bonuses that you should not miss. Don’t forget to register an account with SG777 to experience this famous game right away!

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