What is Online Cockfighting

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic era, online sabong boosted the economy significantly. Online Cockfighting is an enhanced form of sabong since no interaction is required, and you may engage in betting from anywhere, including in the safety of your own house, which adheres to safety protocols for the COVID pandemic.

This is why many individuals are becoming interested in Online Cockfighting and want to learn how to play it expertly. However, specific regulations may sometimes become complicated, so you must ensure you do everything necessary to understand how to conduct online sabong. Whether you are a sabong addict or want to make money with sabong, this article is for you!

In addition to the popularity of online sabong, the coronavirus epidemic has made numerous Filipinos unemployed, allowing the Sabong sector to expand more. Actual sabong (cockfights) within the cockpit or arena is not permitted since large gatherings are not allowed. If you wish to join the online Sabong, be equipped with significant knowledge about .

What is Online Cockfighting
What is Online Cockfighting

What Is Online Cockfighting ?

Online Sabong has been going viral in the cockfighting industry, but most earn a fortune just by acting as marketers. Cockers, however, might now securely put wagers online. Sabong, or betting on live cockfighting, is an ancient pastime dating back three thousand years. This gambling pastime involves putting two roosters in a ring and wagering on which two will win—the Local Government Unit is in charge of regulating live cockfighting in cockpit venues. The Amusement and Gaming Corporation, however, controls Online Cockfighting.

How Does Online Cockfighting Work?

How Does Online Cockfighting Work?
How Does Online Cockfighting Work?

Licensed organizations only conduct sabong. However, online sabong battles are being aired live online, and gamblers may make their bets via various agents that utilize multiple platforms, such as the SG777. To witness and make bets, the bettor should be a participant of a specific site via an operator. Of course, you’ll require a smartphone or a PC with Internet access. There are applications for Android and iOS, but you can also watch on a computer.

Online Sabong is the same as witnessing a cockfight from the cockpit. The primary distinction is that this is done remotely rather than in front of a large audience. However, the crowds are sometimes what keep cockfights fun. Fights are held with just a few individuals, such as skilled cameramen who capture all aspects of the battle to delight spectators and bettors.

Furthermore, it is impossible to watch it without wagering because operators restrict the bandwidth of their websites to bettors exclusively. Bets start at 200.00 pesos and up. There are even more benefits to online sabong than on-site cockfighting. All spectators could look better at the battles, unlike in real games, where it is impossible to see the game fowls fighting, mainly if you are seated far away from the cockpit.

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Is Online Cockfighting Legal?

As of 2022, online sabong is not recognized as an approved industry under gambling legislation since online sports betting, particularly online sabong betting, is not accessible to Filipino bettors in a supervised domestic manner. However, the Online Cockfighting is prevalent, with tens of keen sabong lovers in the nation going to unlicensed websites to put their wagers on underground sabong matches.

There is also a push in the countries to control and legalize Online Cockfighting and extend conventional sabong betting efforts. Numerous observers predict that online sabong will become legal  in 2022 or 2023, with supervised betting establishments opening as soon as they are permitted.

Furthermore, the gambling industry intends to pull Online Cockfighting out from the shadows and control it like other web sports betting, using current linked technology to propel the global sport to greater levels.

How To Play Online Cockfighting?

You should completely comprehend Online Cockfighting to learn to perform effectively and win money significantly.

The first phase in learning to play online sabong is to sign up for a sabong website from a reputable supplier, such as SG777. Then, select the sign-up option to enroll and provide your cellphone number. To play in the activities, you must first register and deposit into your bank account.

To incorporate to your account, follow these steps:

When you’ve enrolled and signed in to your account, keep reading the online sabong by following the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Select an account.
  • Step 2: Select payment.
  • Step 3: Specify the amount.
  • Step 4: Click OK.

You may now begin betting once you have made a deposit and enjoy an exciting sabong fight.

What Happens In An Online Cockfighting Fight?

What Happens In An Online Cockfighting Fight?
What Happens In An Online Cockfighting Fight?

Two cocks are allocated to two or more parties while playing online sabong. The two cocks are then released to battle after the bets are made.

  • The battling cocks were parted by the referee. when the winning cock is announced.
  • You might collect your reward if you have won!
  • There are occasions when a tie is reported. Either both cocks are unable to battle any longer, or both end up dead.

Betting Phrases

  • Doblado – your 1,000 will win you 2,000 or to simply put it, it will be doubled
  • Sampu-anim – your bet of 600 Php can win 1,000 Php
  • Tres – betting 1,000 will win you 1,500
  • Once – betting 400 will get you 550
  • Walo-anim – betting 400 will win you 550
  • lo dies – your bet will be multiplied by 1.25
  • Parehas – equal win or loss
  • lo dies – your bet will be multiplied by 1.25

Significant Online Sabong Events

Sabong occurs virtually regularly throughout the various areas. Many are funded by local businesses, while some are stand-alone competitions or elements of more prominent competitors. That stated, the World Slasher Cup, which is hosted yearly and attracts gamecocks from all over the globe to make it to the top prize, is called the Olympics of Cockfighting.

Although when conducted elsewhere, worldwide sabong tournaments regard as their preferred destination, authorized online Sabong will incorporate these foreign events for locals to gamble on. The World Gamefowl Expo is another big event with connections to online sabong. This is a trade fair for the whole worldwide gamefowl business, unlike anything in terms of technology and genetics. Considering the country’s devotion to society, the World Gamefowl Expo is frequently hosted.

Tips To Take Note To Win In Online Cockfighting

While betting on the victorious gamefowl in each game is practically impossible, you may improve your odds by betting carefully. The following are several helpful tips to win big in online sabong.

1. Pick The Rooster With The Most Victories On His Record.

Luckily, with Online Cockfighting, you could have a sense of how tough the gamefowl is. A trending tab with different colored circles may be seen at the bottom of a live online sabong. The blue circle means the number of defeats or “wala”, whereas the red circle is the number of victories or “meron” among the roosters. Moreover, the yellow circle shows the number of draw bouts. Examine whatever color tops the trends tab to determine what gamefowls to bet on in forthcoming bouts.

2. Examine The Rooster’s Posture And Motions.

Before the combat, gamblers and the whole of the crowd will be able to witness and evaluate what gamefowl is superior. This is the same as how the public sees roosters in the arena before the epidemic. Remember how they hop, fly, and utilize their beak in this period. You must also look at their endurance, strength, and agility. Stamina is vital since you must know whether the gamefowl could continue fighting after being injured.

You must also see the roosters’ feathers. A glossy rooster implies that it has been well-cared and fed after. A rooster that isn’t overly gleaming suggests that it has battled in previous fights. Considering its past, it may find it tough to win.

3. Take Note Of The Roosters’ Statistics As Announced By The Commentators.

Online Cockfighting, like conventional cockfighting, has announcers. They comment on the battle, that contributes to the fun and enjoyment of the game. They provide information about the competing gamefowls before the competition starts. These comprise ties, defeats, victories, and their actual weight. It is preferable to gamble on the one with a solid track record.

How To Have A Winning Rooster For Your Online Cockfighting?

Because individuals from around the globe may engage in virtual sabong, there are several ways to generate money. However, the money in online sabong is not merely betted on the victorious rooster. Growing powerful gamefowls suitable to battle in the ring may earn you a lot of money.

To grow superior roosters, you have to supply them with a suitable home environment. They should be trained to behave naturally like chickens. Simultaneously, you must keep them safe from predators and injuries. To maintain a careful check on your hens, you should indulge in high-quality range nets and foods that improve their agility and endurance.


Sabong is regulated and controlled by the administration because it is a P75B business, which is not a small matter when considering the thousands of employees at stake. And, considering that online sabong is a kind of leisure, gambling, commerce, and employment. However, the popularity of online sabong is still increasing due to the fun and thrill of this game.

If you wish to play sabong, visit an online website that provides it, such as SG777, which has a reliable betting platform that ensures your funds and guarantees that you bet safely and correctly whenever it refers to your gains from playing the game. Additional details about this classic game may be found on their website.

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