What is Live Cockfighting? Top Types of Cockfighting Today

What is Live Cockfighting? Top Types of Cockfighting Today

Live cockfighting is a form of cockfighting that is very familiar to cockfighters in Philippines. This is a playground that helps bettors admire the fiercest competitions of fighting cocks gathered from all over the world. In the following article, SG777 will reveal to you the outstanding advantages of this genre.

What is live cockfighting?

Live cockfighting is a form of entertainment that involves participating in cockfights that are broadcast live on platforms through the Live system. Viewers can watch the matches to bet on the fighting cock that they believe will bring victory.

Live cockfighting has become popular in recent years due to its increasing accessibility. Viewers do not need to go to the cockfighting arena, but can still enjoy this betting sport right at home with their mobile devices.

There are many websites and platforms that stream live cockfighting online. Viewers can access these platforms via computers or mobile devices. The platforms will require users to register an account to participate in live betting on a series of matches that are taking place.

Find out what is the form of live cockfighting?
Find out what is the form of live cockfighting?

What is interesting about live cockfighting?

The live chicken genre brings players sharp visual experiences and vivid sound. To better understand the advantages that this form brings, please take a look at the following shares from the SG777 bookmaker:

Bring the thrill

Watching the live cockfight will create an unprecedented feeling of excitement. Players can feel the tension before each match, the cheers when the fighting cocks are beaten as well as the excitement when finding the winning team.

High entertainment

Experiencing live cockfighting is an attractive form of entertainment, bringing the audience extremely effective moments of relaxation and stress relief. The dramatic, unexpected moments in cockfighting matches always create a bustling atmosphere.

Generate extra income

For some people, participating in live cockfighting is not only a form of entertainment but also an opportunity to make money. Cockfighting matches often feature expensive, rare fighting cocks with super-great fighting records. If you are lucky, these fighting cocks can help you earn a sky-high income.

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The most attractive live cockfighting genres today

When playing live cockfighting, you will be able to bet on many different types. Each type will have a few differences, but in terms of rules, they are still the same, specifically:

The most attractive live cockfighting genres today
The most attractive live cockfighting genres today

Cockfighting with iron spurs

Cockfighting with iron spurs often takes place in Cambodian arenas. Before the match, the two fighting cocks will be equipped with a pair of sharp iron spurs. This type of spur is designed quite similar to a large needle that is sharpened at the tip and curved inward. Fighting cocks that are hit by the spurs can die on the spot or have their performance immediately reduced.

Cockfighting with knives

Fighting cocks participating in direct cockfighting with knife spurs are often chosen to participate in the form of knife spurs. They must be healthy, agile, and have fighting instincts. Before entering the match, the cocks are equipped with a pair of knife spurs on their legs. The spurs can be made of metal or animal bones. When the match begins, the two cocks will attack each other. This type of spur will give the fighting cocks an offensive advantage when they launch rapid kicks. The spurs will cut through every piece of the cock’s flesh, leaving them exhausted from pain and blood loss.

Traditional cockfighting

There are many breeds of chickens used in traditional cockfighting, but each breed will have its own unique characteristics. Famous breeds of fighting chickens include fighting chickens, bantam chickens, and fighting chickens. Fighting chickens are often bred for strength and beautiful body shape. Fighting chickens inherit superior fighting skills with painful blows. Meanwhile, bantam chickens possess agile and aggressive characteristics.

Traditional cockfighting
Traditional cockfighting

Experience playing live cockfighting to always win

To win when participating in live cockfighting, players need a lot of experience as well as the following skills:

  • Cockfighters need to know how to choose fighting chickens with strong fighting instincts, agility, and endurance to increase their chances of winning.
  • Before participating in the match, you need to carefully check the condition of the fighting cock, make sure they are healthy and do not have any injuries.
  • Players should carefully observe their opponents to assess their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you develop appropriate tactics and attack plans for your fighting cock.

The article has just revealed to all readers the latest information about the form of live cockfighting. This is a genre of entertainment that brings a lot of emotions and joy to players. Hopefully you will confidently conquer this type of cockfighting successfully on the nearest day at the link SG777 2024.

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