Soccer betting What is Handicap 1?

What is Handicap 1 Soccer Betting?

Handicap 1 goal, also known as 1 draw in football Soccer betting , is a familiar term for those who are passionate about following and Soccer betting. This is a type of betting odds in Asian handicap, where the difference in ability and form between two teams is shown through the handicap level.

In a 1-goal handicap, the favorite team needs to win by at least two goals for the bettor to win. If the favorite team wins by only one goal, the result is considered a draw and the bettor will be refunded. This is a popular bet because it reflects the balance between risk and chance of winning, and opens the door to victory for both the bettor and the bookmaker.

Learn More About 1-Goal Handicap

When reading the 1-goal handicap, look at the HDP symbol. The favorite team, usually marked in bold and usually placed at the top, will concede 1 goal. The left column shows the odds, while the right column shows the payout ratio. The Soccer betting time is marked FT for the whole match and H1 for half time.

How to Calculate Odds Results

  • If the handicap team wins by 2 goals or more (e.g. 2-0, 3-1), the bettor on the handicap team wins the entire prize money.
  • When the handicap team wins by 1 goal difference (eg 1-0, 2-1), both bets are returned by the bookmaker.
  • If the handicap team draws or loses (eg 0-0, 1-2), the bettor on the handicap team loses all the money, while the underdog wins all the money.

Calculate Money In 1 Ball Handicap

1 goal bet has three potential outcomes for the player: Win, Draw, and Lose.

  • If you win, the player gets the full amount according to the odds.
  • In case of a tie, the player gets back the exact amount bet.
  • If lost, the player loses the entire bet capital.

A Specific Example of 1-Goal Handicap

Soccer betting What is Handicap 1?
Soccer betting What is Handicap 1?

In the Premier League, the match between Luton Town and Chelsea offers an attractive Soccer betting opportunity with a handicap of 1 goal. According to the odds table, Chelsea is considered the favorite and is given a handicap of 1 goal with a payout ratio of 2.04. Luton Town is considered the underdog with a payout ratio of 1.86.

Bet on Chelsea (Overall Team):

  • Win by 2 Goals: For example, Chelsea wins 2-0 or 3-1. Bet 1 million peso, profit is 2,040,000.
  • Win by 1 Goal: For example, Chelsea wins 1-0 or 2-1. Bet 1 million peso, you get your money back without any profit.
  • Draw or Lose: For example, the score is 0-0 or Chelsea loses 0-1. Lose 1 million peso bet.

Bet on Luton Town (Underdog):

  • No Loss by More than 1 Goal or Draw/Win: Profit is 1,860,000 for every 1 million peso bet.

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Secrets to Placing a 1-Goal Handicap to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Soccer betting
Soccer betting

To turn a 1-goal handicap into your advantage, it is extremely important to apply the experience of experienced players. Below are valuable tips to help increase your winning rate:

  • When the favorites have home advantage and are ranked higher than their opponents, bet on them. Fan support and familiarity with the ground can create a strong winning momentum.
  • Rate the favorite team highly if they have a rising attack. A team with stable scoring ability will usually not disappoint the fans.
  • In case the favorite team has to play away but has a strong attack and faces a weak home defense, betting on the away team can be a smart decision.
  • Consider backing the home team if they have a solid defense, especially against a favorite with poor scoring form.
  • If the underdog team opens the scoring quickly, switching bets to them can be the right strategy, as the handicap team will need at least two goals to win the bet.

In addition, analyzing the history of confrontation, home and away form, player injuries, weather conditions, and the ability to manage capital are factors that cannot be ignored to make wise betting decisions. And most importantly, maintaining a stable mentality and not letting emotions dominate is the final key to opening the door to success.

On the journey of analyzing 1-goal handicap, the sharpness and subtlety in each decision are the keys to guide the way. Remember, each bet you place is a step on the road to victory; learn from each match, and you will become a master of handicap.

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