Fish hunter

SG777 FISH HUNTER where young gamers gather. They come here to not only show off their talents but also hunt for many high-value rewards. If you are also a fan of this game, never miss the article below updated by bookmaker SG777 .

A few things to know about SG777 FISH HUNTER

This is one of 7 major categories that help us break through the market and create a great name like today. All games here are high quality products from famous publishers in this field.

After the process of censorship and trial operation, the unit only retains games that meet needs and match the trends of the times. So you will never get bored coming here because new games are constantly added or upgraded. The unique features of SG777 FISH HUNTER are all designed on a 3D platform, creating a realistic and satisfying feeling for participants.

You just need to use a gun, load bullets and destroy sea creatures to receive coins, then exchange rewards to receive cash. You hunt a Boss or a giant fish and immediately win the Jackpot. With reputation and prestige, SG777 is committed to ensuring the fullest and fastest payment.

The cooperative unit that created SG777 FISH HUNTER

To be as successful as today, the biggest contribution comes from the suppliers. They have helped us create many attractive games, attract customers and grow our position. The following are the fish shooting game halls found at SG777.

Some attractive halls are present at the SG777 bookmaker fish hunting system

Jili Hall

This is a unit that has cooperated with us for a long time. As a long-time bettor, you are probably no stranger to this brand. Jili makes players satisfied with its vivid graphics and peace of mind about its reputation.

Coming here, you feel like you are lost in the world of the vast sea, filled with colorful and diverse sized sea creatures. This hall is famous for its precious fish species, high rewards as well as unique weapons.

CQ9 lobby

The second SG777 FISH HUNTER hall worth experiencing is CQ9. This publisher comes from Taiwan and has a long history in the market. From the shapes to the actions of sea creatures, the designs are extremely realistic.

In addition, this brand is also famous for its attractive rewards and stable connection speed. You will not feel inhibited by jerks or lag when hunting fish.

Fachai Hall

This is also one of the addresses that attracts customers at SG777 FISH HUNTER. This place attracts players because of its numerous and interesting mini-game treasures. In addition to hunting fish, you can also participate in small games to receive additional coins or weapons.

JDB lobby

If you are a long-time, experienced fisherman, coming to JDB is ideal. Here players can admire the characters with unique and interesting styles. Players will be fascinated by the funny and cute sea creatures. Especially at JDB, there are many different levels for members to easily choose according to their abilities and increase their chances of winning.

Top 5 SG777 FISH HUNTER games that captivate people’s hearts

Our inventory of fish hunting games is endless. When statistics on sales and visits, the following 5 names are the most prominent.

Tam Tien cuts fish

Although this game has a traditional style, it still does not bore users. TP Gaming has improved the game to new heights from design to rewards. That explains why the game has been on the market for so long but is still among the most worth experiencing.

Fish shooting adventure

Instead of sea creatures coming to you, you will control your weapon to search for fish and bosses to destroy. This characteristic brings a feeling of thrill and helps bettors get their hands on big rewards.

Shooting fish and exploding jars

As the name suggests, this game is a combination of fish hunting and pot exploding. In addition to showing off your talent in killing bosses, you also have the opportunity to bring home huge rewards.

Shoot electric torpedoes

Just hearing the name is enough to imagine this SG777 FISH HUNTER gameplay. You don’t shoot fish with a gun, you destroy them with electricity. Thanks to the electric current effect, this game is extremely stimulating, creating a feeling of excitement.

Shoot pirate fish

This version has gameplay no different from the traditional style. You will choose the appropriate weapons to destroy the fish swimming in the table. Depending on the size and type, each sea creature has different bonus points. Besides, the brothers also turned into pirates and together with their division set sail to master the ocean.

In addition to the 5 typical names above, SG777 marketing also has Go Go Go, H5, Hai Vuong, Arowana fish hunting,… You should try playing to see which game is the best.


We have just introduced the SG777 FISH HUNTER section . This is a game hall worth the time and effort to join. So why don’t you hesitate to quickly register an account at the link and experience the game, everyone will see many surprises from this game.