Facebook Like and Share Bonus

Facebook Like and Share Bonus to all players as part of a special promotion. This is a thank you gift from the game development team to punters. This is like thanking you for your companionship and trust over the past period of time. Let’s take a look at the special gift that bookmaker SG777 has prepared for this player.

like and share on facebook bonus
like and share on facebook bonus

Facebook Like and Share Bonus Promo code: SG17

  • Event Details: Facebook Like and Share Bonus
  • Participants: All members of SG777.
  • Range of activities: SG777 [all games]
  • Promotional content: Share on Facebook and get up to 777₱ sharing bonus

SG777 is the website with the most rebates in the Philippines. SG777 uses the best chance of random number generation, allowing you to enjoy diverse, dazzling and entertaining games with peace of mind. The common advantages of all SG777 games – no need to download for a long time; simple and clear interface; complete operational functions; unique and elegant graphics; fair, just and open game results!

For better development, SG777 cooperates with many online influencers and celebrities. At the same time, in order to give back to the majority of players, SG777 launched the SG777 Like and Share Rewards> activity. Players can win big prizes just by sharing SG777 Facebook activity.

Everyone who participates in the event can receive a random share bonus, from ₱ 77 – ₱ 777, (the more friends you tag, the more bonus you get.)

collection method:

Rule ①

  • tep 1: Join and become a member of SG777
  • Step 2: Like and follow the official Facebook page


  • Step 1: Share SG777’s post on your Facebook timeline (post must be shared from our official page)
  • Step 2: Share the post and tag your friends

Note: [Step 1] and [Step 2] must be completed, otherwise you are not eligible to receive this promotional bonus.


Official address: SG777

Telegram channel group: https://t.me/SG777official


  • 1. Posts must be set to public and saved for at least 7 days, and must not be deleted;
  • 2. Each member can only receive it once

Facebook like at share bonus:

Number Of Tag

Bonus Amount

Display Days

request to leave

Method of application



7 Days


Customer care 7*24








  • Members share posts, tag 30 friends, and get a bonus of ₱ 177
  • Members share posts, tag 100 friends, and get a bonus of ₱ 577
  • Members share posts, tag 150 friends, and get a bonus of ₱ 777

Warm Tips: Rewards are only available for slot machines and fishing games, if you play other games, the offers you receive and points you win will be canceled.

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How to apply

  1. After members share posts, please find official online customer service to verify and record them.
  2. 7 days after the post is shared, you can contact online customer service for verification and apply for bonuses.
  3. You can get bonuses based on the number of posts shared and tagged on your timeline.
  4. Members must provide a link to the post shared on their timeline when applying for this bonus:

Terms and Conditions

1. Each player is only allowed to have one account. Using the same IP address, bank account, name and contact number is not allowed. Players with multiple accounts or fraudulent accounts cannot participate in this promotion.

2. If members are found to be abusing this offer, SG777 reserves the right to revoke all rewards and award them to any member.

3. SG777 reserves the right to change or cancel this event at any time.

4. SG777 terms and conditions apply

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