Daily check-in daily bonus

Daily check-in daily bonus to new members 10% to all players as part of a special promotion. This is a thank you gift from the game development team to punters. This is like thanking you for your companionship and trust over the past period of time. Let’s take a look at the special gift that bookmaker SG777 has prepared for this player.

Daily check-in daily bonus Details
Daily check-in daily bonus Details

Promo code: SG14

Daily check-in daily bonus Details:

  • Participants: All members of SG777.
  • Range of activities: SG777【All Games】
  • Promotion content: All SG777 members only need to deposit 1000 or more every day, and the total bet is 15,000 or more, and they can immediately receive the “sign-in reward”, and sign-in to for 7 consecutive days (no delay) a 300 bonus. More consistent attendance, more consistent attendance rewards!


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Daily bonus Reward method:

To automatically receive rewards, log into your account on the day you sign in, and select sign in in the lower right corner of the screen to receive rewards. Overdue rewards will be treated as cancellation of the right to receive rewards.

Daily bonus Kind tip:

1. Sign-in reward promotion period resets every three months [2024/02/20 04:10:35~2024/05/31 23:59:59]

2. The reward for continuous sign in is 180 days. Additional rewards for consecutive sign-in days can only be claimed once every three months. The number of hours received for continuous sign-in cannot be claimed repeatedly.

Payment of attendance fee: As long as the total recharge amount of the day is more than 1,000, and the total effective betting amount is more than 20,000, you can withdraw money within 1 hour, and you can only withdraw money a times a day. If you don’t have time to attend, you can build an attendance!

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Daily bonus Event Details:

1. This promotion is only supported when participating in slot machines and fishing halls, other halls are not subject to these conditions. (T1 electronic slot machine platform not included)

2. All attendance prizes can only be withdrawn after 1 round of betting.

3. After members complete the roll call task, please collect the rewards within 24 hours of the day. The right to receive rewards will be deemed cancelled.

4. Members who engage in fraudulent betting behavior or violate company regulations will not be included in the list of winners.

5. SG777 reserves the right to change, stop or cancel this promotion at any time!

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