How to withdraw at sg777

Withdraw at sg777 is probably the operation that any gamer wants to be done when choosing this place to entertain. So how is the process done, is it difficult, so pay attention to what issues? If you are also interested in the above questions, do not worry, the following article SG777 casino will guide the most complete, please follow off.

Online withdraw at sg777 :

Online withdraw at sg777
Online withdraw at sg777
  1. After the member logs in, click “Online Withdrawal”.
  2. Enter the withdrawal password and confirm that the withdrawal name matches your bank account holder.
  3. Enter the withdrawal amount and fill in a valid contact number (If there is any problem with the payment, the customer service staff can contact you immediately.)
  4. Confirm that the withdrawal bank account is correct.
Select the receiving bank
Select the receiving bank

Notes for withdrawal:

SG777 The minimum withdrawal amount for a single withdrawal is $100, and the maximum withdrawal limit is $100000.

Members can enjoy the first withdrawal (below $5000) within 24 hours to arrive in the account in real time. The withdrawal limit exceeds $5000, or the repeated application within 24 hours of the last withdrawal must be reviewed. If there is no problem, the account can be received within 15-20 minutes.

SG777 Reserve the right to review the member account and calculate it from the last deposit. The effective bet amount must reach 100% of the deposit amount each time. If you apply for withdrawal without reaching the deposit amount, the company will charge 50% of the deposit amount Administrative fees, and a $50 withdrawal fee.

For example: Push forward from the last audit point to see whether the normal audit is reached after each deposit:

The third deposit, the deposit amount is 7,000, the balance after the deposit is 20,000, and the member code is 8,000—->>

After the deposit of 7000, the effective code is 8000, the third deposit has passed the normal audit, and after the audit, the effective code of 1000 is increased (can be transferred to the second deposit audit).

The second deposit, the deposit amount is 8,000, the balance after the deposit is 12,000, and the member code is 5,500—->>

After depositing 8000, the effective code is 5500+1000=6500 , and the normal audit is not passed. Therefore, the second deposit will be deducted for the administrative fee of 4000 and the handling fee of 50.

(Valid coding 5500+1000 can be transferred to the first deposit audit)

The first deposit, the deposit amount is 5,000, the balance after the deposit is 5,000, and the member code is 5,500—->>

After depositing 5000, the effective code is 5500+5500+1000=12000. The first deposit has passed the normal audit, so the normal audit will deduct the second deposit amount 8000*50%=4000, and after the 50 handling fee Only then can withdraw money.

In the slot, during the game:

  • In case of abnormal conditions such as disconnection or logout, it will be regarded as the initial cause of improper operation by the member.
  • Losses such as the invalidation or cancellation of the winnings caused thereby.
  • The company will not accept any responsibility not caused by the company’s system.
  • Please check the smoothness of your own network or operating system problems immediately to avoid damage to your rights.
  • Please note: Different games will be calculated according to different betting methods. All games and rounds/not accepted/cancelled bets will not be included in the calculation of valid bets. If you have any questions, please contact us SG777 24/7 Online custom service。

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